The   Ukanafun Economic Development Committee (UKEDC) is a Pan-Ukanafun Committee of eminent citizens established by the Local Government Council as a development think-tank to partner the council’s administration in forming a new template for generating/sustaining development and business investments in Ukanafun Local Government Area and seeing through its full implementation in the short, medium and long terms.

The committee was inaugurated on February 4, 2021 by the Executive Chairman of Ukanafun Local Government Council, Hon. (Pastor) Godwin Inyieng.

The Executive Chairman of Ukanafun, Hon (Pastor) Godwin Inyieng

Hon. (Pastor) Godwin Inyieng
Executive Chairman
Ukanafun Local Government Council



The Ukanafun Economic Development Committee (UKEDC) is a committee of Council established to advise Council on matters associated with generating and sustaining development and business investment in Ukanafun while supporting the overall objectives of the Economic Development Department and the actions within the Strategic Plan.


The committee will:

  • Advise Council on matters and help to implement new programmes and projects.
  • Develop unified vision with goal setting/action items for endorsement by Council.
  • Report quarterly to Council at minimum
  • Liaise with existing businesses and facilitate the development of new enterprises through the support and provision of opportunities for new economic growth.
  • Seek out and identify opportunities to help Ukanafun achieve economic sustainability as set out in the current Strategic Plan
  • Plan for, execute and organize an economic development summit in commemoration of Ukanafun at 45 coming up on the 1st day of June, 2021.

The committee will:

  • Function as a collective partnership
  • Link the council to opportunities in State/Country and External Donors
  • Positively and constructively offer and build on ideas to take action within the boundaries of a Strategic Plan
  • Demonstrate willingness to work with local businesses, business groups and associations in Ukanafun and the region.

The operational budget shall be prepared by the Ukanafun Economic Development committee alongside officials of the Local Government Council in line with standardized budget procedures.

Recommendations adopted by Council will be incorporated into the operational or capital budget in the appropriate area recommended and approved by Council. Council may consult with UKEDC prior to modifying any such approved budget items.

    • Governance

The committee shall be governed as it applies to their regulations and recommendations to Council shall be in writing via motion and prepared in advance with a supported report from the Economic Development Committee.

Items to be included on the agenda shall be submitted to the Chairman’s office by mid-day prior to the meeting with any supportive/background material. The items of business to be included shall be developed under the direction of the Committee Chairman. Agendas will be distributed at the minimum of 48 hours prior to the meeting.

If need be, committee meetings will be videotaped, live streamed and archived for public viewing.

  • Meeting Schedule
  1. Meetings shall be held at the discretion of the Committee Chairman and members.
  2. Meetings will be held on the established meeting dates and times which will not be changed unless circumstances warrant special consideration. The Committee will be provided with the annual meeting schedule at the beginning of each year.
  • Approved meeting minutes will be circulated to Council for review.
  • Remuneration

Effort will be acknowledged as a volunteer appreciation.

  • Duties and Responsibilities

Committee Chairman

The committee Chairman shall preside at all meetings, exercise authority, ascertain that rules, procedures and conduct are observed at each meetings as well as provide guidance and leadership to the committee till the completion of its mandate.

Please note that the committee chairman may co-opt other well-meaning individual of Ukanafun origin into the committee upon written approval from the Local Government Chairman.


The Secretary shall serve as the secretariat of the committee.

All Members   

Committee members shall contribute time, knowledge, skill and expertise to the fulfillment of the Committee’s mandate and research on issues relevant to their committee’s mandate as required.

  • Working Groups

The Committee may establish working groups of UkEDC for a particular purpose/mandate that are resolved upon the completion of the matter; the working group chairman must be a member of the committee.

The committee chairman will be an ex-officio member of all working groups, as a working group, formal agendas, minutes or staff support are not required.


The Ukanafun Economic Development Committee is committed to providing and maintaining a working environment that is based on respect for the dignity and rights of everyone in the organization. It is the Economic Development that is free from any form of harassment or violence. All members will refrain from personal harassment and conflict behaviour, including offensive remarks or other actions that create intimidating, hostile or humiliating working conditions as per the respect in the Workplace Policy.


Our Vision

A Thriving Local Government Area for All (ATLAA) 

Our mission

UKEDC as “The Voice of business (VOB)” to design, advance, and advice the LG on opportunities and solutions for a thriving Local Government economy that is inclusive and competitive.   

Strategic Priorities:

  • Advocacy through Civic Engagement and Public Policy (promoting the community).
  • Nurture and enhance the economic well-being of Ukanafun people through the promotion of a sustainable economy.
  • Community Collaboration with government and NGOs for Economic Growth and Mobility
  • Providing networking opportunities
  • Global Engagement

UKEDC members will work domestically and internationally to raise awareness of some strategic problem facing Ukanafun LGA.

Major Objectives:

  • To develop a strategic plan to ensure the long-term sustainability and enhance the visibility of the Local Government with Akwa Ibom State Government and other stakeholders, and the community
  • To facilitate high quality personal and team communication with the state government and other stakeholders both domestically and internationally
  • To examine the current status of economic development efforts in Ukanfun community and to provide specific insight and recommendations on how to coordinate all desirable economic development activities among all stakeholders and available entities.